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Hey there, we're Audio Pilot Studio and you can always Contact us in case you want to set up a recording session for your band.

The Thief Club LP

Nick Thompson

After doing a few songs earlier in the year…We are happy to say that we recently finished up what will be the debut LP for The Thief Club. Produced by Rob Freeman assisted by Dave Dones, these great songs were captured perfectly. We are very excited for everyone to get their ears all up in it!!

Like Crazy


I had the extreme pleasure of working with “Like Crazy” on their latest EP.  They are a trio based out of the Philadelphia area…Male and Female lead vocals give them a unique character….great song writing with thoughtful lyrics and arrangements yet still maintaining a fun/catchy vibe.  The songs started off as acoustic skeletons but really came to life as we added a variety of instrumentation, guitars, bass, keyboards, stomps, claps, group vocals and even our very own Dave Dones contributed with a Harmonica Solo.  Giddy up!!

IMG_7956 IMG_7962 IMG_8017 IMG_8002 IMG_7966

Crash The Party


Recorded these guys over the summer when they were known as “Voted Most Random” …….. a few months and member changes later they changed the band name and released their Debut EP…..which is by far their best work to date!!   Some of my favorite guys to hang out with and record……a really great album for any pop/rock/punk fans…. definitely check them out!!

Crash The Party


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